Laminated & Tempered Safety Glass Installation or Repair Services

Do you want to install glass in a window or door that’s much harder to break than regular glass? There are two types of safety glass that we would recommend at Affordable Glass & Mirrors. You can choose from either tempered glass or laminated glass. Whether you want a basic shatter-resistant glass for your home or bullet-resistant or bullet-proof glass for your business, we have the toughened glass you need to keep your residential or commercial property safe and secure. Using our more than 35 years of combined window and door experience, we’ve provided our tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass to schools, banks, offices, homes, and more.

What Is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is standard glass that has been heated up to about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit at a rapid rate before being cooled off just as quickly. By putting standard glass through this process, it’s possible to create tempered safety glass five times stronger than regular glass. It’s not completely shatter-resistant, but this type of safety glass is much harder to break than standard glass. If it does ever break, tempered glass in Little Rock, AR is designed to shatter into tiny pieces that won’t cause people to sustain serious injuries.

What Is Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is a type of safety glass that includes two or more pieces of glass with a vinyl interlayer placed in between. The different pieces that make up laminated safety glass are designed to stay together in the event laminated glass is ever broken. This makes this type of safety glass a lot stronger than standard glass. It’s the kind of safety glass often referred to as bullet-resistant glass or bullet-proof glass thanks to its strength and durability. As an added bonus, this toughened glass is also able to prevent UV light from entering a home or business and stop many sounds from entering them, too.

Which Glass (Laminated or Tempered) Is Safer? Are They Bullet-Proof?

Tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass are both known for being some of the strongest types of shatter-resistant glass on the planet. If safety is a major concern for you, laminated glass owns a slight edge over tempered glass in the safety department. While laminated glass isn’t truly bullet-proof glass, it is bullet-resistant glass and can stop bullets in their tracks in most cases. Laminated glass can also prevent people from breaking into a home or business. Affordable Glass & Mirrors can help you pick out the toughened glass that would work best for you.

Who Generally Has Laminated or Tempered Glass Installed?

  • Schools for Student Safety
  • Banks for Teller Safety
  • Office Buildings
  • Tornado Prone Area Homeowners

Whether you want to install tempered glass in your home or laminated glass in your school building, Affordable Glass & Mirrors can show you different shatter-resistant glass options. Reach out to us at 501-605-9119 to see which kind of safety glass would be right for your residential or commercial property in Little Rock, AR.